Primitive impulse

I don’t get why people do the stuff they do. I guess it’s normal; we pride ourselves on being rational creatures, thinkers, capable of great things. In the end, most of us are just trained beasts, trained by social norms, trained by rules imposed about what is adequate behaviour and what is not.

We might settle for believing that we are above all primal instincts, that we have evolved and left that far behind millennia ago, next to the tool shaped animal bones and cave paintings. The truth is, today, more than any day; I am convinced that most of what we are is just a consequence of hormone driven actions. Those which we call feelings, are the core of the human spirit, and consequentially, of all we do.

How wonderful and how terrible is that my friends?

When you look at it that way, is not hard to comprehend why we do not understand others, it's fairly difficult for the human mind to experiment the same things that another one may be going through, therefore, we do not understand why they do the things they do.


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