Conversaciones del día a día.

Riding on a bus

Friend 1: "Oh damn, that chick has been staring at me the whole time"
Me: "What's the problem, shouldn't you be flattered?"
Friend 1: "No, it's really creepy, just look at her"
Me: "What's wrong with her"
Friend 1: "She's black"
Me: "Don't you like black girls?"
Friend 1: Didn't you know that? I hate black girls, I mean, I'm just not attracted to them"
Me: "How come?"
Friend: "Well, they're just too ghetto"
Me: "Well, why don't you try to date an educated one?"
Friend: "I still haven't found one"

Now, here's a picture of my friend: He is the black dude on the left.


On the coffee shop on campus

Sorority Girl: "Oh Hai!" *gives flyer* "Would you be interested in joining Phi Kappa Omega?* we're having a rush event next friday, all the info is in the flyer!" *big smile*
Me: "Oh that's nice" *sees her shirt* "By the way, are you a Phi Kapp?"
Sorority Girl: "Oh yes I am!"
Me: "Can I ask... are any of your sorority sister getting married soon?"
Sorority Girl: "Yes!" *big smile* "We had like 5 engagements last semester" *giggles* "Why'd you ask?"
Me: "Oh, just out of curiosity, cause one of those girls hooked up with my ex-boyfriend, and that's why we broke up. Good to know that she's still getting married" *Smile*

I wish I had taken a picture of her face.
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