Lying on the underwater.

And on every step of the way we wonder if the choices we take are right, we place ourselves into doubt. Constantly we drown into the waves of uncertainty, while our insignificant dogmas give us the last gasp before we fall again into the meaningless unconsciousness of a swirling ocean of scattered ideas creative thinking

We depend on gravity, on knots that tie us to the ground, because we are too afraid to fly, we are too afraid of not knowing what we are going to face next, we need to KNOW because we are terrorized by the uncertain.

My mind swallowing itself into repetitive thoughts: about existence, about essence, about origins, about endings, about journeys. My beliefs, my feelings, my decisions. I keep wandering on the same path once and over again, asking myself useless questions, just to get mediocre answers.

So I stand here, under the shower, hoping the cold water will clear my mind. So here I am, feeling the noise of the water washing of my worries, clearing my conscious mind of what Freud is telling me from my own unconsciousness.

But then again, my subconscious betrays me, I go back to the same spot on which I started, on which all starts and I cannot end, so I just float in the depth of the ocean, is not as good as flying, but it’s impossible to stand in the ground. Underwater there’s no up or down, no left or right, but I know that if I’m running out of air, I just need to stay really still and I will eventually go to the surface, for enough time to have a full breath of fresh air and then go back and sink into my own thoughts.


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